Logistics Checklist for Your Next Drum Circle

Getting a drum circle together for the first time is exciting!

Your friends, family and maybe even people you don’t know will be showing up to get their groove on.

Making your event sustainable and enjoyable for everyone (including you) requires some logistics planning. Solving these kinds of problems *before* they start is key.

To help, I’ve created this handy checklist for you.

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🗆 Is it OK to make loud sound there?

🗆 How many chairs might I need? (Always have a few more than you think you need)

🗆 Do participants know to bring their own or are you providing all of it?

🗆 Is there adequate lighting, Heat / AC / Restrooms?

🗆 Is there parking available? Where is it?

🗆 Is the space wheelchair accessible?

🗆 How many instruments will I need?

🗆 Who is promoting the event and how will it be promoted?

🗆 Who is willing to help me promote?

🗆 Who is willing to greet participants as they arrive?

🗆 Who is willing to help set up and load out?

🗆 Do I have name tags markers and pens?

🗆 If I am charging money for the circle, or asking for a donation, how

much will I charge?

🗆 If it’s a paid event, who is in charge of collecting money?