Our Mission

The mission of Drum Circle Leadership is to create a world of connection, empowerment and inspiration using the power of group music-making. We do this by offering the highest quality drum circle training programs on the planet.

Foundation Skills
At Drum Circle Leadership Foundation Training, you will discover how to create and lead your own transformational drum circles. You will learn enjoyable techniques, games and methods in a way that works with your own ability. Beginners are warmly welcomed. 
There are no prerequisites for this training.

Creative Group Music Making
Have fun learning how to quickly and effectively get groups of people making great music together with our unique Rhythm Seeds music making protocol. Find out how to inspire collaboration, engage challenging groups and how to connect people with a variety of social drum circle games. Inspire your group to make their own musical creations.

Practice & Support
Discover how to create "fail-proof" drum circles with a supportive group of peers. Get the practice and feedback you need to be confident leading your groups. Graduates receive access to our private DCL Facebook network to ask questions, get ideas and offer support to others.

Learn Valuable Skills for Your Personal and Professional Life

How to create fail-proof events by empowering participants
How to take your drum circle from good to transformational
How to inspire collaboration in your circle
How to lessen and eliminate resistance from your groups
How to create an infinite source of rhythms with "Rhythm Seeds"
Social drum circle games for all ages
How to integrate percussion and budget friendly instruments
How to lead and shape drum circle music
How to gain confidence leading and speaking with groups
How to gain the trust of your group
How to use drumming & sound for wellness and stress relief
How to design your own effective drum circle programs

At Drum Circle Leadership | Foundation Training, you can expect:
A comfortable, welcoming and accepting atmosphere.
To have the opportunity to choose how you interact
A Certificate of Completion denoting your contact hours.
Your own Drum Circle Leadership eBook 300+ ($19.99 Value).
Special Discount Codes for DCL Online Training Library.
Handouts and written documentation.
Significant amounts of optional, hands-on practice time.
Feedback and constructive guidance.
Tried and tested step-by-step foundation methodology.
Marketing resources, templates and tips for those wanting to create programs to sell.
Free lifetime access to our private Drum Circle Leadership Training Facebook group.
Specific effective techniques to help you manage nervousness.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in utilizing the power of rhythm & drumming
Music Therapists
Music Teachers
Drum Circle Facilitators
Therapeutic music makers
Anyone who works with people with PTSD and returning veterans
Anyone who works with children
Addiction and recovery counselors
Camp Counselors
Grief Counselors
Sexual abuse and domestic violence counselors
Alternative healers
After school activity directors
People who work with disadvantaged youth
Social workers
Disaster relief workers
Church and spiritual group leaders
Elementary educators
Corporate facilitators seeking new tools for their activity toolbox

Learn about:
Inclusion regardless of ability
Letting go of perfectionism
Being present as a leader
Serving the group
Finding ways to flow with change
Learning the value of collaboration
How to manage mistakes
How to empower your participants
How to create fail-proof drum circles
A wide variety of malleable drumming and voice methods
How to build your own event from the ground up
How to inspire and hold the attention of the most unruly groups
How to play the various drums and percussion commonly used in rhythm events
How to use rhythm as a means to enhance personal development
How to use rhythm to lead health and wellness experiences
How to use rhythm to lead educational experiences

What are past participants saying?

Since our weekend several weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to teach both children and adults on separate occasions. The most significant change I’ve noticed in myself is added confidence which in turn allows me to truly enjoy what I’m doing. I am more animated, I smile more and I’m really having fun. I can see a change on the faces of the students. They see my enthusiasm and it spreads to everyone involved. The training was exactly what I needed to advance to a higher level. Thank you to Jim and everyone that was a part of it.
— Rich S / Participant
Community Drum Circle report - Bedford: Success! An observer would not have guessed that almost all of the drummers were beginners, it sounded so clean and good. I was able to repeat my prior success of playing the rattle and drum at the same time, even though I lost my place a few times. Overall, this circle had clearer energy and more interesting grooves than the past gatherings. The group thanked me for doing the facilitating, which felt really good. There are still areas where I can improve and I feel I have the resources to do so. I am grateful to Jim for offering this workshop now. Perfect timing for me. Thanks to all of you for allowing me to process and share this success.
— Sally Klein / Participant
Quotes I attended Jim Donovan’s Drum Circle Leadership Training so that I could get drum circles going in my area to help build community and to give me more options to drum myself. I got so much more out of this program than just learning to lead a drum circle. The program held so many insights into the dynamics of facilitating people and empowering me and others towards true connectedness. There is a powerful feeling of wellbeing inside the circle that words just cannot describe. I highly recommend this program to anyone who works with people of any age or just wants to improve their circle/life skills.
— Teresa Benedetti Estock / Participant
I felt, heard and sang to the rhythm all 6 1/2 hours as I returned to NY. I’m vibrating with the energy of everyone and everything. The inspiration kick started the rhythm class.... I sent an email to the LAC Drum Circle email list, friends and family. I’m offering 8 dates starting tonight. I’m jumping in! Still pumped! Within an hour I had people signing up for the classes. I feel the support and feedback from everyone at this weekend’s training. I hear Jim’s loving voice encouraging and supportive. This is exactly what I was looking for. I think I am most impressed with the presentation of a VAST amount of material in 2 1/2 days. Jim is VERY generous with the information he is sharing with fellow teachers. It was so well organized and executed that I feel strong as I move forward in applying the additions to what I already have going on.
— Sandra Fioramonti / Participant

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